Tuesday, 7 July 2015


At the funeral, “A life well spent” they will say, when one is
dead. Friends will talk well of man, even foes will send
The good words or speech at the funeral can’t save us from
the torment on the day of resurrection. After death there are
no more sins to be committed. “Make hay while the sun
shines” says a proverb.The luxuries of life can derail even
the most firm or righteous man from the right path.
We shouldn’t fail to foresee what lurks around after death.
We should worship Allah with sincerity and piousness, for
our actions are judged according to our intentions. Let us be
firm in our believe, I pray regret will not be ours on the day
of resurrection. RAMADAN MUBARAK

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


     The most common advice given  is "be patient". Now what if patience is not enough?. People rant that they have been trying their best in their business but their money keeps going down the drain. Another person might say It has been years now and I have not gotten admission to the university. The next advise shall be;  just be patient and you shall be rewarded. Because the patient Dog eat the fattest bone.Those will be the answers to rants by people. But for me I believe that patience is not enough. My answer to someone who rants about patience not being enough should change, hope and be patient.
    Change in the sense that whatever business strategy that is been used, should be changed or they should start another business , their are many other business opportunities.  And for lack of admission one should change the approach to exams.
  Hope in the sense that one should not be hopeless, hopelessness makes one to live in the past. Hoping for the best is the good option after changing one's attitudes or ways.
  Patience can come in after change and hope and the story Dog and bone can chipped.
  Patience cannot work alone without the elements of change and hope. So when patience is not enough, change and hope comes in.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


I guess it's time
I get my life figured out
It's time i hit the restart button
It's time i dance to the tune of change

My heart yearns for perfection
But how imperfect i am
I am what i am and
I am what i chose to be
For the past i was haunted,
But I shall remain undaunted

This is the beginning of the end.
I kept beckoning for a new me.
Who seems to take joy, in not answering.

When will I change?
Is the question that comes
After another failure to change.
when will i see the new me?
or is self discovery a myth?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Quote of the Day

Yesterday's mess will be cleaned by today and tomorrow  will glorify today. (I.A.Jawondo Jr.)

Thursday, 19 February 2015


                Man changes all the time, as they say; the only constant occurrence in Human life is change. The question here is what are the consequences of man’s changes? In every way that man change, the disadvantages are more than the advantages. Man’s life started as a race right before he was born, as he raced to the ovum to be certified of being giving birth to.
                Man’s Invention: man invented great and unimaginable things, but man is the pilot of his own destruction, as he tries in making life easier for, life gets harder for him. Why? Because the disadvantages of his inventions is much more than its advantages. Man created Atomic bomb to destroy his fellow man, man invented Guns another weapon of destruction, man felt his legs has betrayed him, he invented automobiles to make him move faster, yet the pollution of this machine challenges his own very existence.
                Man as a higher Mammal: Man is blessed with a much higher reasoning brain and also molded in the finest form, thus making man a higher animal. But what as man done to Lower animals, harms and more harms he as done to them, he threatens their existence, common animals of the past are now more known as they are going extinct, which pushes man into creating Zoos and Game reserves. Still it is crystal clear the difference between a free bird and a caged bird.
                Man as a greedy creation: Man’s love for luxury knows no bound, he hurts his fellow man for more wealth, the rich ones pray for more and also he becomes an ungrateful creation to his God when he is in wealth. He races after luxury forgetting that he won’t take them to his grave.
                Man’s greatest Enemies: Man’s greatest enemies are simply Truth and Death, one is hated while the latter is feared. Among man whoever befriends truth will be snubbed, because man likes Beautiful Lies and he hates ugly Truths. Hmmmm man’s dreaded enemy many refer to him as death but to me he is the unwelcome visitor for he visits untimely, man never invite him yet he visits.
Man is categorized:  He is categorized by social level and character, the rich and the poor, the good and the bad. The poor are the poverty stricken ones while the rich ones are the ones living in luxury. The good ones are truthful and also helpful people in the society while the bad ones are the best friend of beautiful lies and unpleasant characters they are usually “polithiefcians”.
                Man a great creation by God, a creation in its finest form, yet he is ungrateful and ungodly. Homosapien indeed.



For me it is a capital “NO”, and I hope we will understand the reason why, after reading this write-up.
            First and fore-most, hearing the town named Chibok; does the town ring a bell? Of course yes, thanks to the imbecile act of Terrorist sect (Bokoharam). Is the fight for the Chibok girls rescue a lost fight? If the answer is yes, we are overpowered by fear and the power of fear make man looses hope, the way out is to overcome fear. Nelson Mandela said: “the brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”
            I do not deny the fact that plans by the Nigeria Government to rescue the girls was continuously foiled by the Terrorist sect (BokoHaram). Neither do i fail to believe in hope and patience. Let us imagine it, imagine it my fellow citizens “if we can imagine it, we can achieve it”.
 Reason with me my people the fight is not yet over. Protests by the human right activists in Nigeria sparked a worldwide uproar such as the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls.
            The Bokoharam are confirmed to have setup a camp in the Sambisa Forest where the girls abducted were also kept. The idea of the Nigerian army attacking the forest was stamped out, for the very reason of not harming the Chibok Girls.
            Also in a bid to rescue the Chibok Girls, Nigerians have gone spiritual by organizing many prayer conventions for the rescue of the Chibok Girls. Also the soldiers are not relenting in their efforts despite the inner grumbling of some officials.
            Although the Clocks of the Chibok Girls fate is ticking out, Good shall surely prevail over evil, the opposition parties are not helping the matter at all, as the abduction as been termed  political and this makes them to keep pointing accusing fingers at the Government.
            With all thousands and hundreds of thousands of people engaged in demonstration, there have been no achievements? I resist the urge to believe that this statement is true.
            We imagine, how sad and disappointed the Girls are, the pain and agony they are going through, and not to talk of the State their parents would be in. Those are the negative side of our imagination; we never imagined the freedom of the Chibok Girls, which is the positive side of imagination.
            The recent cease fire agreement between the Nigerian Government and the BokoHaram is a welcomed development on the part of the Chibok Girls rescue. So why say the fight is lost?
            Also in a bid to rescue the Chibok girls, the Nigerian Government sought foreign intervention, such as bringing in intelligence officers from the U.S.A to help in giving intelligence reports, also the guarding of the Cameroonian border by the Cameroon Government, to prevent the Bokoharam from escaping to Cameroon and the intervention of Chad and Niger in combating Bokoharam. The Nigerian Government also bought new ammunitions as they see that their former ammunitions are outdated.
            We should understand that every war will end, this is a Civil war and civil war takes long time to end, because it is an inner fighting. The crushing of the Biafra Government by the Nigerian Government is a testimony that the Majority is bound to overpower the minority.
            I am in total dismay when the bombing incidents that happened in Borno state was said to have been carried out by female suicide bombers and people are pointing at the possibility of the female suicide bombers being the abducted Chibok girls, which is another pointer to the fact that fear and negative imagination as clouded our thinking, if they are brainwashed as we thought, I don’t think there will be any attempt to escape by the Chibok girls, because the some of the Chibok are reported to have escaped.   
The fight for the freedom of the Chibok girls is not over, until it’s finally over, let us reason together this fight is not lost, let us await the freedom of the abducted Girls which is soon to come.
 With joy they will shout Free at last! happy and fulfilled will their parents be and accomplished will the nation be. The fight for their rescue is not yet over! “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. If our mind can conceive it and our heart can believe it, then we will achieve it; the fight for the Chibok Girls rescue.
            I have a dream but I can’t call it a dream, for it is what shall come to reality, it’s not that dreams do not come true but not all do come true. So I will term it “I Have a reality”.
·        I have a reality that the presidential villa will welcome the freed and joyful Chibok girls.
·        I have a reality that the Nigeria forces will be triumphant over the Bokoharam sect.
·        I have a reality that the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls will be changed to #WelcomeBackOurGirls.  
These are our hopes, surely with faith and patience we will churn/carve out hope from the tree of fear and hopelessness.
As I move toward my conclusion, I’m sure you are asking “are these not beautiful lies?” my answer will be “NO”, because these are the Ugly truths. When all hopes are lost, I believe patience regains it.
                                                                                                                  I.A.Jawondo Jr.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My watch: The Social Media

My watch: The Social Media
  After the business of the day, i sank into my sofa, heaved a sigh of relief,  and with my phone at hand, I decided to surf through Facebook. The media dominating my news feed, on seeing how people commented on  political posts by the media, I couldn't help but observe the gullibility of Nigerians. My eyes have seen a lot on Facebook,  some abusing and cursing themselves on the basis of religion. While the politicians exploit our diversity, which we let them do anyway. We seem to be blinded by ethnicity and religion forgetting that we are one Nigerians.
   The new trend on Facebook is you seeing a post saying: God will surely surprise you with whatever you want in 30 minutes, if you type Amen to claim it, if not calamity will befall you. What nonsense!! The next thing is about 300 people commenting Amen. This even clearly cemented the gullibility of People. questions like God versus Satan if you want God to win comment Yes, one would expect no comment on that kind of post but Alas! Nigerians will still comment. Irrelevant posts gets a lot of likes and comments, but the ones that are enlightening will be skipped over. People have turned idiots on the basis of religion, may God help us. Most people do not comment on good religion posts or enlightening articles. The question is when you see religion (good) how many have you clicked to read?