Friday, 2 June 2017


You are the exception to my general rule
Your smile lit up your beautiful  face
I love how your mind works
Your intelligence amazes me
It's like you came from outer space

I cherish every moment with you
Anything for you I'll do
You bring out the best in me
I was busy gazing at the stars
I never knew the moon existed

You bring happiness to me
As the sun warms the earth
For you I'll kill for
For you I'll die for
For you I'll live for

You are my sparks
You light up my world
Your are the ocean
That I'm willing to drown in
You complete me

You are my muse
The light in the dark
The female version of me
I just want you to know
I wrote this for your heart only.

Jawondo Jr

John wick quote

"Tell them, tell them all.  Whoever comes, whoever it is, I'll kill them. I'll kill them all"

John wick (chapter two).

From a book i may never finish.

From a book i may never finish.

The intro

As the couple stand at the altar, one could see tears dripping from their eyes. You wonder what would make them both cry.

The only conclusion your brain could draw is that they deeply love each other,
both happy they are getting married.  Well,  that can be one of the possibilities for many couples to cry.

But, theirs was different. The memories of the struggle they had gone through, hit them like a tornado. As they both watch their respective parents sit in the church front sit and watch them get married they couldn't help but cry.

Well, for this present day to have come to pass, they broke religion and tribal barriers. They shattered hopes and followed their heart. 

This is the story of two uncommon connections,  this is the story of beautiful lies and ugly truths.

Jawondo jr.

An Old friend

The book yearns for my pen
My ink beggs to be used
My hand is heavy from neglect
My mind aspires to produce
But my coconut head won't budge

What is wrong with me?
I manage to ask
It is me your old friend: said a voice
Old friend who?
Writer's block and I have come to stay.


Sleep, and dream no more my child
For the world shall miss you not.
You left without learning to say goodbye
You came to this world
But couldn't see nor conquer
This unforgiving world

I carried you for nine months
And you paid me back by leaving?
For you I lactated
Now my breast milk is wasted
Your cradle longed to house you
Yet there it lays empty

Why didn't you stay?
Oh why?
Why did you leave?
Am I not fit to be a mother?
The world knew I was pregnant
But I have nothing to show for it

Iya Abiku they call me
Why did you let me be?
Go and come back to stay
For you are Abiku
The child who have come
But not to stay.

Worldly travails

Lies my mother told me
Bitter truths the world showed me
Friends gossip with me
And when i'm gone
They gossip about me.

The old want to be young
The young want to become adults
Death lurks around the corner
Religious crises followed suit
Over speeding drivers, came to help.

From a dark womb we came
Society teaches us about shame
It taught us how to play the blame game.
Now, we'll do anything for fame
And he'll kill for a dame

Thursday, 27 April 2017


SICKLE CELL; WHEN LOVE IS A CRIME. (an excerpt from "A thing of the heart ")

I wish I don’t have to write something like this, I detest people that write this. Yet here I find myself writing it, some write it to point fingers and play the blame game while others write it to console their loved ones.
But as for me, I hope to create awareness. For there are people like me also, and I don’t want them to end up like me. This may be the last thing they remember me by, because no one really cares. Too bad it comes in form of a suicide note.

Life is not fair I know that, but isn’t life too unfair to me? I was born with Sickle cell anemia. Who is to be blame for my predicament? Is it my parents who followed their heart and got married or their heart for misleading them? Well, to play the blame game is too late now.
My life has been a mess, and it has never been rosy for me as a kid and even as I was growing up everything keeps falling apart. Sick today healthy tomorrow was and still my case.

I’m tired of this world, nothing has ever makes sense to me anymore. Being sick today and getting better tomorrow wasn’t my choice. But now I have the choice to end it.
I hate it then, when after months of absence from school I hear my teachers gossip about my sickle cell condition and also I hate having to watch other kids play and not been able to join them because of my condition. I need not to be told I was an outcast, I knew I was one. I hate the way those uncles and aunties pitiful eyes bore at me anytime they come visiting.
I’m done with hope; I’ve been there before. I’m done with change, I can’t remember what the word means again and patience and I broke up a long time ago.  I can’t keep putting on that fake plastic smile, my acting days are over. I am the true definition of failure, no thanks to my dad who make it known to me always how much of a useless child am. To him I’m a financial liability. My hatred for this world is mutual; I have a million reasons to believe it hates me too.  Say I’m depressed, but does the dead care?

My heart is so heavy, the voice warning me not to commit suicide sounds far away now. To the only person I care about but still hurt me to see her. If you are reading this, I’m dead already. I’m sorry if this hurt Mum, just know that I’m sick and tired of watching you stare at me on the sick bed and cry. For it hurts to watch you cry. And what hurts more is, knowing fully well that I am the cause of your pain. I feel relieved that I get to save you from the part of watching me die.

Thanks for all your efforts Mum, I know you love me unconditionally but I love you more to go. Tell the world I came; I saw but couldn’t conquer for I am the product of a criminal act of love.

Adieu world.